doorSafety is no doubt one of the basic need you cannot live without in life. At home, we have parts, accessories, tools and equipment that safeguard us against different forms of harm. To those more privileged financially, more sophisticated security measures are part of their basic needs. Normally, everyone irrespective of the status in the society, safety is an essential need.

Are your secure?

How secure is your home? It is a question that always triggers in the back of our mind almost every day if not every hour. What we tend to assume is that security starts with you. So, before you raise the alarm, make sure you have played your part well in enforcing security. And how possible is that? First, what building and construction materials did or are you use? Not all materials are good, and if not careful counterfeits may dominant in your construction, hence creating a prime opportunity for a break in. Second, those you hire to construct and fix the security system. A wrong move in this will leave your place vulnerable to break in, and importantly, it will be no difference to whoever has not taken the steps in enforcing security. So please watch out whom you hire.

One place, maximum security

Your home is probably one place that you invest heavily in establishing and maintaining standard security. In fact, a nice home talks more about you and sometimes help amplify your status core and social class in the society. A door is a universal entry to our homes, and for those lucky to have private underground tunnels to their Manson, similarly there is a door somewhere. Therefore, this creates the necessity to keep the doors strong to preserves our hard earned treasures and at the same time protects us. In the market, different doors sell at varying price depending on the material, design, manufacturer and the technology used. Below are some tips useful in enforcing the door;

i. Doors with glass panel, enforce with a plastic gazing film or laminate.
ii. Ensure the doors, and the frames are solid
iii. Enforce wooden door with steel strips fitted to the frame and around the lock; the list is endless.

Technology, the king of security

cameraToday, technology has boosted the level of security in our homesteads. When you talk about surveillance, different kind of state of the art cameras aka Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) are available for advanced monitoring solutions. Interestingly, the innovation behind the technology is advanced enough to allow remote monitoring. Whereby, with the help of your smartphone, you can comfortably see what is happening in your residential area. Moreover, technology has more magic, where with the help of sophisticated sensors, it can help detect smoke, water leakage, and break in as soon as there happen and before it is too late. Well, thumbs up to technology which continuously promise more and more improved security surveillance.